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  • Date: 25 Oct 2007 11:18:05 +0200

Hello Everybody,

as this is a great community with lots of people in different businesses
I'd like to ask you some questions about the original usage of Dokuwiki
as a documentation tool.

I do use Dokuwiki for quite a while as a personal CMS for some sites, but
now I'd like to introduce it as standard documentation tool into my
company. To do so we have some specific requirements to ashure a
constant review of the documents and so on.

So the requirements are:

1. Write a page following a styleguide (kind of a template?) and have
this page assigned to another user for review before being published.
Then customers should be able to rate this page and give comments (I
think there are plugins for that) so that the page can be re-reviewd.
2. After a certain time or event this page has to be found for
re-(re-*)review by tags, Date ... and the process starts again.
3. The procedure has to apply for every kind of media.

The excerpt of questions is:

 - Can dokuwiki show me all the pages (not just for one) of a certain age
at once?
 - would it be possible to then show Tags or snippets of those pages
 - Is it possible to show all pages having a combination of Tags
 - Can I tag media-files?
 - Can I assign pages  to a user to be re-reviewed?
 - Can I connect a wiki page to a svn/cvs source?

So ... thats what I think of at first. If there are no standard
procedures to what I need I think someone (or me) can write a plugin for
that ... but before that:

Has anyone an idea on what could be used otherwise or what are the
procedures at your site to build a documentation that can be fully

Thanks for reading down to the bottom ;)
I'd appreciate any comment on this.

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