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  • From: Samuele Tognini <samuele@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 16:01:12 +0100

Chris Smith ha scritto:
You need to update to devonly release (or a nightly). If you check back through mailing list you'll see a discussion on persistent/volatile metadata either in Nov or Dec[1]. iirc the last message will say when the patch to implement went into the dev version.

Yes, i saw it but when i've read Todd's mail i've hoped there was a trick with the stable release. About updating, since i'm releasing a plugin i'd prefer that it's compatible with the stable release. My syntax plugin uses p_set_metatada to write the value (it was you who give me this tips, do you remember? :) ), and for what i've understand the support for metada rendering in syntax mode is not in the stable release.
So at this point my stupid question is:
When users will upgrade from 2006-11-06 to current devonly, will those already created plugin metadata values be delete in pages that do not contain my plugin instructions anymore using a no-persistent parameter?
Thanks again,

I think some parts of the change are documented in splitbrain. Search on metadata. p_set_metadata now has an extra parameter, which defaults to persistent.

If you have a syntax mode that needs to set metadata of the current page, you should *NOT* use p_set_metadata, but add support for metadata rendering to your plugins render() method. Combined with the patch in devonly DW, this will properly handle the removal of metadata when your syntax no longer appears on the page.

Deleting the metadata file will cause a loss of the persistent information that is stored in there, irregardless of where it is done.



[1] Be careful if updating to this. There is a bug that will affect you if your wiki files don't already have metadata (pre 2006-11-06 version) and you use "display first headings". You can get around the bug by turning off "display first headings". You need to leave the setting off until DW has managed to create metadata files for all pages. Spidering your wiki once should accomplish that.

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