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  • From: Robin Getz <rgetz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 08:31:21 -0400

Yes i would certainly have a look on it and if like it it gets in.
However we should think about how this should be done correctly.

I agree. Architect, Design, Implement. Not the other way.

Deciding on how to save language specific stuff is one thing (I guess I'd prefer data/pages/en/dog.txt format) but how would this be integrated?

- How to link?

Since dokuwiki wikilinks already support links in the format [[page|display]] it would support [[base language page|native language translation]].

eg: If the user is French, on the french page the link is [[dog|chien]] which loads data/pages/fr/dog.txt if it exists, and data/pages/en/dog.txt if it doesn't (assuming that en is the base language).

- If I'm in the 'de' namespace and the german page doesn't exist would
  the link go to the 'en' namespace?

Assuming that 'en' is the base language - yes. If the language is set to 'fr' and data/pages/en/dog.txt exists, the default text with a new button "translate this page" appears.

- How to handle different pagenames itself?

I think that you limit the translated pages(links) to pages that already exist in the base language. If a translator creates a new link (not in the base language), the page is either rejected (can't be saved), or comes up with with a new pages that states this is a dead link that is not included in the base language.

That way, you are ensured that the wiki content doesn't fork to much with different content/links.

Eg. how to know en:namespace is the same as de:namensraum?

Hmmm - I will have to look at the namespace code, and give you a proposal.

You see I'm reluctant to say yes I will add a patch when I get one until I know how this should be done.

I understand - it is difficult to agree to someone's intent.


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