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>> What happens when we have 200 publishers? The list of links itself becomes 
>> so
>> long that it takes significant scrolling to get to, say, "Yankee Magazine".
>> Even if I move the list of publishers to its own page, I still have the 
>> same
>> problem.
>> What would be a good design for this case?
>In that case, what you have is already a good design: a list of links. If the
>fact that a user has to scroll is a concern (which may not have to be, since
>you can't guarantee that users have to scroll more or less than a specific
>amount anyways -- what happens to mobile browsers or non-maximized windows
>with your page?), you can take  advantage of the properties of the list 
[JS] Good point, although mobile browsers aren't an issue for this particular 

>Example: is the list sorted alphabetically? _Place subheadings for letter
>ranges_, like: A-D, E-H, I-M, N-R, S-V, W-Z, 0-9/#. What subranges are needed
>is up to you. Do some publishers have more "priority" than others? _Assign a
>separate subsection to them_. The idea being,  a frequent visitor can 
>their way in with ease, and an infrequent/new visitor would be "guided"
>towards content instead of thrown into it.
>Hope it helps.
[JS] Thanks. I was thinking along those lines. As it is, each publisher can 
have multiple imprints (brands), so the publisher names are headings and the 
imprints are links under each publisher. That more or less accomplishes the 
same thing.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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