[dokuwiki] Re: Can one make a heading also a link?

  • From: Luis Machuca <ryan.chappelle@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 21:04:19 -0300

Robert Bronsdon escribió:
> On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 22:37:55 -0000, Luis Machuca
> <ryan.chappelle@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Wait... you say you want *links to external content* in the *document
>> TOC*?
>> Now *that*'s bad design. The TOC is expected to have another kind of
>> functionality. Click a link, take you to a specific section in
>> thedocument itself.
> I would say _if_ the TOC of a page is being used for the purpose of
> exposing other pages, with each header having a small definition of the
> below page. Then this is good design from both a usability and
> accessibility standpoint. This works best when the underlying page can
> have a title matching the text from the line in the previous page.
> Whereas having a bunch of 'read more...' or 'click here' links under
> headings would be bad design. For a screen reader, what's the difference
> between all the 'read more...' links on a page.
> I know I know - this is in reality a religious debate. There is proof of
> right and wrong on both sides. I just thought at least both sides should
> be put across.
> If the proposed is used wrong then what Luis has said stands - it would
> be a nightmare. However if using links in headers is done with
> consideration to the context of the site I don't see a problem.

Yeah... religious issues. One tends to forget how individualizing a
perspective over any matter becomes with time.  The main issue against (and
strangely, in favor as well) the above use of a TOC is the name: a TOC is a
table of contents. If one wants to expose other pages, the TOC is simply not
the place to do it -- there's already "tables of links" and "tables of
references" in software like Wordpress. In that case, the use of "have a title
matching the text" is quite useful indeed.

Seeing that the debate is turning long, I have decided to take the comments
above -- in particular Robert's and Christopher Smith's comments on what is
actually going behind TOCs software- and mind-wise. As such, I took some time
to create a proof-of-concept plugin that converts a link in a header into a
"See also" reference immediately below.

__If you want to see the plugin in action, check this__:


This is a WIP, and maybe it always will be (now, that sounds kinda
heartwarming). In particular, I haven't checked what will happen if after
"plainitization", the text of a corrected header matches that of a previously
existing one: an ID nightmare, I'd guess; and also I haven¡t checked for
header correctness (equal number of "="'s at each side) or what happens to
headers inside code sections (since I'm using an Action component).

I'd welcome suggestions and observations.

Oh and I hope Chris Green doesn't feel offended now that I took the
development of this plugin-- as I mentioned above, it's just a proof-of-concept.

Luis Machuca Bezzaza
Secretario (S) GULIX - Grupo de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de la IX Región

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