[dokuwiki] Re: Blacklist Performance

  • From: kuhkatz <kuhkatz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 07:20:15 +0200

On 14.09.2010 21:27, Andreas Gohr wrote:
I noticed that saving a page in DokuWiki got somewhat slow recently
(especially with large pages). The problem is the anti-spam blacklist.
Current devel has a blacklist taken from wikipedia's servers and it is
huge (much larger than the one we used before).

Unfortunately the blacklist we used before (by chongqed.org) s no
longer maintained.

The wikipedia one isn't really usable (unless someone comes up with a
major speed improvement), so the question is: what list to ship with

Does anyone know alternatives? Suggestions?


i dont have much problems with spam, i disable such features in most tools i use.
but i see, YMMV.

are there no other free lists to include or convert or something?
spamhouse etc?

or it might be an option to create an own one maybe.
more options to define whats spam in the amdinpanel, and a button to share configs with dokuwiki.org and weekly or so autoupdates. someone would have to look after it, wich would mean more work to do, i suppose.

- lennart
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