[dokuwiki] Re: Best practices of multiple documentation releases

  • From: Chris Smith <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 17:09:48 +0100


Can I interject in your discussion a little.

Sidenote, please don't include previous messages in your replies unless you are replying inline or its a small amount of text. We can all refer back to previous messages so it just makes reading individual messages more difficult. :)


Sophisticated version control is quite likely beyond the scope of DW. Or at least beyond the scope of DW core. However it may be possible to add a manager level function to tag a page/namespace/wiki. That would result in the page being copied to the attic with an edit of (T)agged <custom text>.

Additionally the recent changes page would show two lists, the list of revisions as now; plus a list of tagged revisions;

Two other  handy features could be:
- set a default tag to view. So instead of defaulting to the current page you could default to viewing a "version 1.0" - set a default tag to search. So instead of searching the current pages you would be searching pages tagged "version 1.0"

Quite possibly most if not all of the above could be implemented in a plugin (or plugin + template). Are there other features you would consider "must have", ie. without which the function itself wouldn't be much use?

Personally, I think trying to integrate with an RCS would be a very large and significant change to DW.

- Chris

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