[dokuwiki] Authentication group membership in Action Plugin

  • From: "Gorkum, L. van (Luitzen)" <L.vanGorkum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 08:23:55 +0200


I'm trying to make an actiopn plugin to add <ifauth @group>text</ifauth>
in the editing text. Clicking on the edit-button the action plugin has
to pop=up with all (or a defined subset) from the current user
privileges which with a click result in id the requested text filled in
with the chosen group.

In general the plugin works in the discussion-plugin text erea but when
editing a page the list of groups turns out to be empty...

I'm using the variable $USERINFO['grps'] to make the list of groups,
here an little piece of the code:

  function add_button(&$event, $param) {
    global $USERINFO;
    $user = auth_nameencode($_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']);
    $groups = $USERINFO['grps'];

    //prepend groups with @
    $cnt = count($groups);
    for($i=0; $i<$cnt; $i++) $groups[$i] = '@'.$groups[$i];

    //add specials
    $groups[] = '@ALL';
    $groups[] = $user;


As said, in de discusion plugin the array $groups is filled as expected,
in the page-editor only '@ALL' and 'username' are available.

How can this be solved?

Kind regards, Luitzen van Gorkum


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