[dokuwiki] Re: Anika's patch to style the edit bar

  • From: Anika Henke <a.c.henke@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 20:35:47 +0100

Matthias Grimm wrote:

1. Groups of connecting objects should not break up to multiple lines
   if not really necessary. All buttons should form one line and the
   summary field, its label and the minor change check box should form
   another one.

I agree.

2. Any object group should only use more space than necessary. Therefore any width or height attributes are forbidden because either the area is too small or the object group has big borders that can't used by other objects. Due to different languages you can't predict how wide an element really is. Any guess would be wrong automatically.

I don't like this situation with different widths either.
The only reason I gave those divs widths is that Andi wanted the summary somewhere in the middle.
As for me, I'd like it better when those elements are all left-aligned with an appropriate (but constant) space between the "button group" and the "summary group".

First survey question: Does anyone care about the "summary group" being center- or left-aligned?

3. Comming from the workflow I would first type the page, then fill in the summary and last trigger 'save'. This should also be the sequence of elements in the GUI. The editor window is the first. Then I would place the summary field and last the buttons.

At least from the source point of view that order makes absolutely sense.

In a three line layout the summary would be placed between editor window and buttons.

   This wouldn't be possible in a two line layout. Putting the buttons
   first and the summary field in the middle, as it is right now, looks
   best but won't cover the workflow. In this sequence the buttons will
   always be more significant than the summary field which causes the user
   first to click on save and then fill in the summary, oops ;-)

But I don't think that the significance of the buttons is too high from the GUI point of view. I think they are conceived as important as the summary field ...

Second survey question: Should we put the "summary group" before the "button group" (in the GUI)?

Another issue I can't explain is the small gap between the right border of the arrows and the right border of the editor window. They are not in line. I haven't found the attribute that is resonsible for this.

I don't think there is an attribute that does that ...
Because the space of the size control to the right looks differently in each browser, I think it's more the browsers that imply the width of a textarea differently.

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