[dokuwiki-teams] Leaving Teams

  • From: Michael Klier <chi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki-teams@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 18:16:41 +0100

Hi @all,

I'd just like to inform you that I decided to leave the devel and the
plugin+templates team.
I'll still stick around on the forum team though as time permits.

As for some of the reasons: In the process of my current attempts to
restructure my use of
my free time I came to the conclusion that I need a break from all
things FOSS and
that I have to set my focus on other things I've kind of neglected in
the past. As you might
have noticed, I haven't been that active over the past weeks anyway,
so you shouldn't
notice much of a change anyway.

I also left the dokufreaks github team and I'm not planning on doing
any work on anything
in the upcoming weeks. So, if you have strong feelings about some of
that code we saved
after Esther quit working on it, I suggest to fork or request write
access by any of the
other members of that team.

I'll leave my github account around for the time beeing. Grab what you want.
It's all yours anyway.

Last not least, no hard feelings please. The past 5 years have been
fun and I'm still around
somehow (though I'll unsubscribe from the mailinglist as well
tomorrow, the last one
I'm subscribed to).

Of course, if it's been decided that my moderation access to the
forum, or my admin rights
at dokuwiki.org or any repos at github are to be revoked I'm fine with it!

Cheerio o/

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