[dokuwiki-i18n] Re: hungarian translate

  • From: Guy Brand <gb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki-i18n@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 13:18:06 +0200

On 14 mai at 12:50, Tihanyi Sándor wrote:

>  Hello!


>  I'm Sandor from Hungary and I'd like to join the DokuWiki translate team.


>  I translated the english messages to hungarian and the embedded
>  plugins' messages, too. (version 2005-11-06) It is based on the
>  existing, very old hungarian translate with some modifications and
>  many-many new things.

  You probably meant release 2006-11-06

>  How can I send the language files? Send a simple tarball with the
>  inc/lang/hu and the lib/plugins/*/lang/hu directiories attached to a
>  mail to Andi, or diffed version of these direciories, or through
>  dokuwiki's version control system (darch???)?

  Best is to use darcs, the distributed SCM Andi is using. There is a
  page in the wiki (splitbrain.org) that shows how to get a copy for
  the devel repository and how to record patches against it. These
  patches should be sent to Andi by mail, but if you want to discuss a
  translation issue with other translator (of your language mostly)
  this list is also a place where you can send your patches for
  discussion, before having Andi push them to his devel repository
  (which is the one we all sync from).

>  And I have a problem: if I set the hungarian language at the config,
>  the admin page (e.g. doku.php?id=start&do=admin) print only the
>  content of inc/lang/hu/admin.txt and there aren't any links to the
>  plugins (ACL, User Management, Configuration Settings etc.) nor the
>  foot part of the page. It is O.K. when I choose e.g. EN or DE
>  language. (Unfortunately I know these languages :-( ) I think it would
>  be a character encoding problem, but I don't find the solution.

  That's strange, because when localized lang files are not found,
  dokuwiki reverts to the default english ones, so you should always
  see all items of the admin page, even if some only are in your
  selected language. Check if some files are missing in the
  hungarian translation (e.g. do you have all files found in the en/
  subdir in your hu/ subdir too?) and double check your encodings, as
  all files should be UTF-8 encoded.

  Have fun!


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