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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 14:20:27 +0000 (GMT)

The only time that I can  make this year is the last weekend in October.  It  
looks like a reunion might take a quite a bit of advanced planning :-) 

The only time that I can  make this year is the last weekend in October.  
Infact, 9  months time would be best for me.
Perhaps people could mail what dates/time of year etc would be best for them.

Good luck with the baby nick, I reckon you're gonna make a fantastic dad!


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A reunion sounds good.
Although It'll need to be in the next 6 weeks or in about 9 months for me to 
come as Gems expecting our first baby in September and some time in august 
she'll have to cut down how much she drives as the bump will start getting in 
the way.


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Was begining to think the mailing list had died, it apears not. 

Cheers for sending the link Michael, pretty OK for work myself at the moment, 
perhaps theres some other ex SE looking for work tho (besides, I have a phobia 
of evil M$ technologies :-)

Spose it could be a bit awkward now that most of use have moved away from 
Leicester, but anyone interested in a reunion at some time?  



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reply to me if your interested i'll pass it on to the
relevent parties


We are currently seeking a dedicated individual to
take on this position within AWD Home Financeʼs IT

Reporting directly to the IT Manager
The ideal candidate should have thorough knowledge of
Software Development Tools such as Microsoft SQL2000
and Visual Studio .NET.  Equivalent knowledge of Data
Analysis and Crystal Reports is also desirable.  

The successful candidate will be required to oversee
the day-to-day running of the Software Development
team whilst continuing to offer a hands-on role with
the software development.   The candidate will also be
expected to assist the IT Manager with Project
Specifications and Scoping Documents as well as
assisting with Team meetings. 

All interested candidates should complete an internal
application form, acquired from the Personnel
Department and return to: 

Head of IT with a covering letter, that details why
you are suitable for the role.  Your application
should be received by close of business on 6th July

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