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On Monday 17 February 2014 04:49 PM, manoj k wrote:
> Missed. :-/ Am at Bangalore Now.

It was a good discussion. Students from 2nd year and 3rd year attended.
Sooraj was also with me. We started with a question on how frequent they
use the internet. Except for one person who use internet only once a
week, everyone were using internet regularly. When we asked how many
people would be ready to share their passwords, a few people actually
raised their hands and one person actually wrote it down for us on a
sheet of paper. There were people opposed to watching everything they do
on the internet and we kept on refining the question. Like if police
were to get all your details, would that be fine, or what if only people
who are caught in some criminal activity is only watched or how do we
define who is a criminal, when we know Nelson Mandela was a terrorist
for US till 1995.

We didn't reach any conclusion but hoping they would join the mailing
lists and we can continue engaging with them.

I had also met Promod sir in the evening. I'm hoping fsugtsr will have
more sustainable activities with a monthly meeting. I'm looking forward
to people around Thrissur to take this up.

Tomorrow we will be having a similar interaction at AISAT in Kochi. This
is part of http://yatra.diasporafoundation.org

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