[directoris-updates] Directoris Weekly Update (22/10/2001 - 28/10/2001)

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  • Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:28:21 -0000

Terms used in this email:
Homer    =    Old server    (
Bart        =    New server   (

Welcome to the first Directoris weekly update.
In this issue:
-  Whats New
-  Whats Going On
-  Coming Soon
-  Links

--  Whats New
mySQL is successfully working on Bart.
Forums mirrored on both servers.

--  Whats Going On
At the moment we are moving all users to Bart due to mail faults on Homer.
This in no way at all affects the service you will receive as this is the
process in which the transfer happens:
*  An account is created on Bart
*  You will receive an email containing a username, a new password and other
information about transferring from Homer to Bart
*  Once you have transferred your files, we will change the dns on our end
to point to the new server
Once all this is completed, your account will be back to normal.

--  Coming Soon
Support ticket system
- - Greater and more efficient support.
- - This will soon be available on the control panel.
Status Notifications
- - Notifications of system and service status.
- - E-mail (free), web (free) and ms (small fee).
Script installation
- - Installation of scripts via control panel.
- - Fully automated, no intervation required.

--  Links
Directoris Forums
- - Homer    http://forums.directoris.com
- - Bart        http://forums.directoris.org
Control Panels
- - Homer
- - Bart

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