Directoris Web Hosting Updates: Outage

  • From: ben-toson@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: <directoris-updates@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 19:23:56 +0100

Dear Customer,

On Sunday 5th May we found the PHP module had disappeared from Bart

We attempted to resolve this issue by reinstalling PHP and phpMyAdmin
through the control panel. This failed due to dependency checks, because
software already on the system was preventing it.

At that point it was impossible to get apache or the web GUI back up and
running. We then proceeded with the only direction we could take to get the
sites back online. We took a new available server and installed the Ensim
Base software so we could begin migration

While attempting to do this migration, we found that ssh was broken, also
OpenSSL (the package that SSL and SSH requires was broken).

During the migration the utility found that MySQL db files were too corrupt
to salvage. We attempted to pull the data from the old server however that
was not successful. Yet another
attempt was made to recover the databases using the MySQL built-in repair
function.  However that too was not successful. Currently, we continue
working on the recovery of the databases.  We are not sure what exactly
we will be able to recover if anything, but we do hope for the best.

Our entire Support Team, including myself, is ready to assist you with the
new version of the Ensim Control Panel. There are some major changes between
2.5 and 3.0 version.

We apologize for these issues and for any inconvenience this may have

Kind regards,

Vincent Hirth


-  User for ftp, mail etc are: user@domain
-  Use /admin not /admincp

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