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From the DXReadme that comes with the SDK.

DirectMusic waves in wave tracks have variable range values for
attenuation and fine tuning, enabling another degree of randomness in

DirectMusic streamed waves now have looping enabled. This is effective
for the use of larger streamed waves for looped environments and

DirectMusic clocktime looping is enabled, allowing loops that will not
change when the musical tempo is altered. In order to function as
expected, segment length should be set in clocktime; every segment track
should also be specified to use clocktime in its property page.=20

DirectMusic compression improvement: a function to eliminate the empty
space at the start of MP3 compressed wave files in DLS.=20

DirectSound and DirectMusic include all Windows XP and Windows XP SP1
bug fixes.=20

New Audio Effect DMO and DirectMusic Tool wizards. See CD Layout above
for more detailed information.=20

DirectMusic Style Library in the Essentials directory. See CD Layout
above for more detailed information.

From dmusprod.txt (c:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectMusic

New in DirectX 9
1. Super low latency is no longer available. However, the synth uses the
low-latency DirectSound sink, so the latency can be set reasonably low,
on your soundcard. Go to the MIDI/Performance Options dialog box to set
the latency.=20
Select Persist to All Audiopaths to maintain this latency setting for
DirectMusic Producer session.=20

2. Looping of streaming waves is now enabled.=20

3. Clocktime looping for segments is enabled. Segments that have tracks
with clocktime=20
enabled in their property pages won't be affected by tempo changes, and
loops will be=20
based on clocktime as well. See the Not Intuitive section below for more

4. Users can import up to 32 wave files as segment variations. This will
result in=20
a wave track with 32 variations, each with a single wave in each
variation. By default
the segment is set to play in clock time.=20

5. The number of the current variation playing is now displayed in red
in patterns,=20
pattern tracks and wave tracks.=20

6. The currently active strip with multiple variations selected now
plays one of the=20
selected variations instead of all of them (design-time change only).=20

7. Users can insert wave files into segments directly from the files in
the project
tree (without requiring them to be opened first before insertion).=20

8. The MIDI/Performance Options dialog enables the user to use the Echo
MIDI feature=20
to be set to up to 8 individual ports (of 16 channels each).=20

9. Bands automatically added as a result of a style being added to a
style track are
now numbered to differentiate them from the actual style's default band.

10. Previously the project tree would automatically scroll to highlight
the file=20
associated with the active window; by popular demand this auto-scrolling
behavior in the=20
project tree is now disabled.=20

11. Improved compression support. Previously MP3 codecs inserted blank
space at the=20
start of the compressed wave. In DirectX 9 the user can define an
alternative start point=20
for the compressed wave, making compression much more usable for DLS
instruments, which=20
need to be responsive. Note that this technique is not available for
wave tracks.=20

12. Wave objects in wave tracks now have ranges that can be defined for
pitch and=20
attenuation variation. This is particularly effective for varying
elements of sound
effects without having to create multiple variations. =20

13. The DirectMusic Style Library is provided in the Essentials
directory of the SDK.=20
An application to audition styles (Styleplayer.exe) and a number of
chordmaps are also=20
included in that directory. See Styleplayer.txt for more detailed
information on the=20
Style Library.  =20
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There were some enhancements in Producer.  Mainly the big push in DX9
was to reduce latency.  In theory content made in DX9 should work in
DX8, but I've heard of some weird cases. =3D20

Whoops, looks like I was right, people have had issues:

-Scott Morgan

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I can't seem to remember the differences between release 8 and 9.
I author directmusic content in the latest release (dx9) and have =
work in dx8?  Is there anything I should watch out for?

Thanks -

Michael Sweet

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