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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:06:30 -0800

Heh, they should have called that check box "Don't play on loop of

-Scott Morgan

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Hey Ciaran, that feature basically makes it so the wave won't get =3D
retriggered on a loop of the segment.  I think the ideal usage is to =3D
make the actual wave loop (not the instance in the segment).  Then drop
the wave into the wave track (the order is important here for some =3D
reason).  Then, in the wave instance's properties go to the wave tab and
unlock length.  Now you can set the length to be way longer than the =3D
*wave file* actually is.  It will loop as long as it hasn't reached the
duration in the "length" box.  If you set length to be longer than the =
*segment* or the looped section of the segment, it won't get reset, =3D
it'll just keep looping until it finishes playing.  Kinda weird I =3D
guess.....but it solves the issue where if you change tempos the wave =
starts looping improperly.  Yeah, that's the point of that feature :) =
tempo changes.  Looks like there's no way to loop it infinitely =3D

CCing freelists in case it works for me.

Hope that helps!

-Scott Morgan

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To: Scott Morgan (Volt)
Subject: looping waves

Hi Scott,
I posted to the DM group as well but it doesn't seem to have come =3D
through yet so I thought I'd ask you direct. Do you know what the "Loop
Independent of Segment" checkbox (on the performance tab in wave =3D
properties for a wave in a segment) does? It's not in the help and it's
not immediately apparent what it does by checking it and playing around
with the segment.
If you're able to shed any light on it I'd be very grateful,
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