[directmusic] Re: loading and unloading via audio scripts

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That is correct.  DMP loads everything by default.  You can go into the
midi options page and turn off Custom DLS and GM DLS loading.  Then you
should be able to test your script's loading/unloading functionality
better.  I personally would always test my loading and unloading with
DMDemo since that better reflects the way things would be in a game.
Also, watch out for glitching while downloading/unloading content!  This
is a problem that was introduced in DX9.

-Scott Morgan

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In DirectMusic Producer only does the audio memory footprint always=20
load everything even though I manually loading and unloading using the=20
script itself?  For instance the memory usage still looks huge even=20
though I've de-selected the load at script start preferences, this is=20
how is supposed to work right?

In addition, when using multiple audiopaths created via an audioscript,=20
do you have to specify an audiopath you manually load/unload segments=20

Thanks -

Michael Sweet

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