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I also mourn DirectMusic. Still hoping for a DirectPhoenix to rise from the ashes...

/Johnny Wingstedt

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[directmusic] Re: backwards compatibility with xact...


Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 18:12:40 +0100 (CET)
Subject: [directmusic] Re: backwards compatibility with xact...
From: "Jesper Kaae" <jesperkaae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm having problems running my DirectMusic productions on Windows Vista,
unless I run them in the Windows XP compatibility mode. Again this is
probably because of the vb scripts.

I have never understood and will never understand why the concept of
DirectMusic had to die such a tragically death.

Jesper Kaae

I glad there are some DirectMusic guys still around, thanks again for
responding.  I'll have to test out the DirectMusic games that I did
that used vb scripting.  BTW, this feels very familiar, Beatnik
anyone?  Alas, iXMF you're are only hope.

Does anyone know if there is a similar email subscription list for
XACT?  After exploring it over the last couple of days, I'm surprised
they dropped all midi and dsl support in it.  Rhythm action games
look like they might be a lot more difficult to do in XACT, but I'll
be finding out in the next few weeks whether we use XACT, or some
other audio middleware solution.

On another note, Alexander Brandon spoke pretty highly about the
Unreal sound engine in his Mix magazine article.


Out of curiosity, has anyone licensed just the audio portion of the
Unreal engine?  Do they offer such a thing?  I don't have any
experience with it.


--Michael Sweet

On Nov 7, 2007, at 6:47 PM, David Yackley wrote:

Wow, I didn't think this list still existed either!  Having been
out of MS
for some time I'm way out of the loop - but my understanding is
that there
was some question as to DirectMusic being included in Vista.  Thank
it is as I am still working on a project that uses DirectMusic.
(Old habits
die hard!)

Thanks for the word on script tracks - you're probably the guy that
made the
most use of that feature, Scott! :)

FYI I think it was DX9 that had the last development on DirectMusic.
David Y

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The only issues in Vista that I'm aware of have to do with script
tracks and

I really can't say anything either way about OSs beyond Vista.

-Scott Morgan
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Thanks for the responses.  I was asking my question for another
too, and that is how many of the DirectMusic projects we've worked on
in the past will be incompatible with future releases.  I haven't
tested any of the games I've worked on in Vista.

Any info on this also would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Also all the products that I'm currently working on are targeting XP,
for what it's worth.  Every time I ask them about Vista compatibility
they kind of shrug there shoulders.  :)  This sounds like a sure fire
way to bite us in the butt later on.

PS, I think I'm actually the current administrator for this list.
I'll keep it open until either this thread ends or unless there's a
bunch of renewed interest.


On Nov 7, 2007, at 12:24 PM, Scott Morgan wrote:

I'm still here. J  Wow I thought this list had been killed for sure!

Anyway, no XACT doesn't and probably never will support DMusic.

-Scott Morgan
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Subject: [directmusic] Re: backwards compatibility with xact...

Wow, blast from the past! :)

Development stopped on DirectMusic as of DirectX 8.1 (I think).

Whilst future versions of DirectX are meant to be backwards
compatible with older versions, I wouldn't count on it.

Any Microsfot people still on here? You might be better off posing
your question to Brian Schmidt or Scott Selfon - I think David
Yackley left Microsoft around the same time development on DM was
wrapped up around 4 years ago.



From: michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [directmusic] backwards compatibility with xact...
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 11:17:17 -0500
To: directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Everyone - If this list still exists....

Is Microsoft going to continue to support DirectMusic with the
of XACT? I have a project that the styles and chord mapping
features might really be good for, but I'm unclear about whether
DirectMusic is going to be supported in future versions of DirectX.
Does anyone have knowledge of this?


--Michael Sweet

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