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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 00:24:49 +0200 (CEST)

Ok. Does that mean that we should actually be able to run DirectMusic
applications in Vista without problems in near future? And without
compability mode?
I know I'm very old-fashioned, but I still like using DirectMusic for some
purposes, so I would like to know if I can count on it in the future.


> :(  There is a bug in Vista SP1. It has something to do with the method of
> bank switching used. I know we gave Todor a workaround for it.  Hopefully
> we'll have this fixed sometime soon.  Truly sorry for the trouble this
> might
> cause.
> -Scott Morgan
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> Hi everybody - if anyone is still there
> Earlier I could run my DirectMusic productions on Vista when setting the
> compatibility mode to XP (SP2). Now (after downloading updates to Vista I
> guess) I can run my productions in Vista without compatibility mode, but
> dls-files won't play. Only sounds from the canvas will play. Same thing
> happens when running in compatibility mode.
> So just like Aaron I have experienced that vb scripting don't seem to be
> the problem when running DirectMusic on Vista, but what is the problem
> then?
> Jesper Kaae
>> We used DirectMusic in Unreal2, and I tried running it in Vista 64
>> today,
>> and ran into the issue with Script Tracks not working.  Unfortunately,
>> setting the compatibility mode to XP(SP2) didn't seem to help.  Anyone
>> have any more specifics on this issue?  I see Microsoft has a hotfix
>> (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943253) for DirectMusic, but it appears
>> to be timer related (and I just got a response from them saying they
>> don't
>> have a 64-bit version of the hotfix anyway).  I also dug up the original
>> DMP project for the Unreal2 Intro, and it exhibits the same problems
>> there
>> (even with compatibility mode set to XP) - the events in the Script
>> Tracks
>> are not getting sent.  They work fine if I manually trigger them in the
>> script editor, so it seems to be more of a Script Track issue than vb
>> script specific.
>> On licensing the UE3 sound engine: While I cannot speak for Epic, it
>> seems
>> like it would be rather difficult to extract since their tools are
>> unified
>> (everything depends on everything else).  It uses Kismit, which uses
>> UnrealScript, which is used for serialization, etc.  So you quickly pull
>> in the whole ball of wax.  That said, they've always seemed open to
>> creative licensing agreements, I just don't know what you'd do with just
>> the audio portion (if you could even define clearly what that is).
>> Aaron Leiby
>> Original Message:
>> From: "Jesper Kaae" <jesperkaae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> To: directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 18:12:40 +0100 (CET) I?m having problems running
>> my
>> DirectMusic productions on Windows Vista,
>> unless I run them in the Windows XP compatibility mode. Again this is
>> probably because of the vb scripts.
>> I have never understood and will never understand why the concept of
>> DirectMusic had to die such a tragically death.
>> Jesper Kaae
>>> I glad there are some DirectMusic guys still around, thanks again for
>>> responding.  I'll have to test out the DirectMusic games that I did
>>> that used vb scripting.  BTW, this feels very familiar, Beatnik
>>> anyone?  Alas, iXMF you're are only hope.
>>> Does anyone know if there is a similar email subscription list for
>>> XACT?  After exploring it over the last couple of days, I'm surprised
>>> they dropped all midi and dsl support in it.  Rhythm action games
>>> look like they might be a lot more difficult to do in XACT, but I'll
>>> be finding out in the next few weeks whether we use XACT, or some
>>> other audio middleware solution.
>>> On another note, Alexander Brandon spoke pretty highly about the
>>> Unreal sound engine in his Mix magazine article.
>>> http://mixonline.com/basics/education/audio_audio_middleware_part_2/
>>> Out of curiosity, has anyone licensed just the audio portion of the
>>> Unreal engine?  Do they offer such a thing?  I don't have any
>>> experience with it.
>>> Thanks!
>>> --Michael Sweet

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