[directmusic] Re: My DirectMusic seminar at Assembly '02

  • From: David Paterson <david.paterson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:46:30 +0100

> Also, if anybody on this list has done similar presentations 
> before, do you
> have any tips on specific areas to cover, or some survival 
> tips on how to
> get the presentation to go smoothly?

I won't say much on the content, but I can offer some tips on
doing the presentation.

I've done a few lectures and papers in the past, and found the
best way to get it running smoothly is to practice as much as
possible.  Get your slides (or .ppt etc) organised as soon as
you can, and run through it a few times.  If you can get a few
people to listen even better :-)  This will give you time to
adjust the content and timing, and make any changes well before
the presentation.

Make up note sheets or cards with LARGE WRITING on them so you
only have to glance at them to see the points you should be
talking about.  One per slide is a good idea.

Try to relax when you're speaking, and don't be afraid to
move about or use gestures to emphasise things.  Try to make
eye contact around the audience occasionally to get a little
feedback if you're going too fast or slow.  (It helps if you
have a friend or two there who can maybe give a signal.)

Finally, the best advice I was ever given - learn the first
minute or two off by heart.  This gets you through any nerves
you'll have, and once the talk is flowing smoothly it's much
easier to keep it going.

Hope that helps,

David P.

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