[directmusic] DMDemo 2.1

  • From: "Scott Morgan" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 07:27:25 -0800

 I?ve been cleaning up the code to DMDemo lately for a job possibility (yes,
a programming job) so I thought I?d release a slightly tweaked version.  It?
s a little late..I don?t know if you guys still use the app at all :-) There
was a request a lllooonnngg time ago for the app to be able to load an ini
file based on the exe name.  DMDemo 2.1 does that (I finally figured it
out), so if you rename the exe, don?t forget to rename the ini file too.
Oh and I made a lame attempt at fixing that out of tune guitar riff?.but
whatever..it?s not a music demo?.I?ve got other stuff that sounds waaayyyyy
better. Don?t judge me based on the half baked DMDemo music!
New in 2.1
10) DMDemo now looks for .ini files that have the same name as the
executable.  This allows for multiple DMDemo instances in the same
directory, all using different .ini files.
11) DMDemo can now be run from an html link.
12) DMDemo has had its error checking beefed up so you should see less
crashing and more useful error messages when there are problems with the
.ini file or system components.
PS. If you don?t know DMDemo, it?s an app that lets you create an interface
for your DMusic scripts.  You put in a .ini file what buttons you want and
what script routines they should call.  There?s other stuff you can do like
variables and the lyric display window (great for debugging).  You can use
DMDemo as a development tool. Do a runtime save and launch the app from
inside your project.  Zip it all up and your client can check out your work
with little confusion.
-Scott Morgan

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