[directmusic] Re: Compression on DLS samples?

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While DirectMusic Producer supports stereo files, the actual DLS-2
specification only supports mono waves. So when you place a stereo wave
in an instrument, DMP is actually adding regions on two layers - one
with the left channel and one for the right channel. This is all hidden
to avoid the nuisance of having to edit both regions separately, though
you can of course manually choose to use either the left or the right

What this means, though, is that you can't compress a stereo source.
Otherwise, the DMusic engine would have to decompress the data, split
out the two channels, and then recompress the two mono channels to send
it to the synthesizer. At least that's my impression of how it would be.

Now if you use a stereo wave in a wave track, you're not using DLS
playback, so you should be able to compress those.

On the general topic of what codecs to use, always make sure that your
codecs are available on the end user's machine. There's quite a few that
come standard with Win9x/Win2K/WinXP, but some that programs you have
might have installed. If you choose to use a special codec, your title
will need to install that codec (and deal with all of the licensing fun
that goes along with it :)

Hope this helps!

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Sorry for the question guys....  I didn't have any codecs installed on
my computer.  That's why no compression was valid.

It does bring up this question:

Which codecs work well for DMP.  I still haven't found one that will
compress DLS sounds that are stereo.  Any thoughts?

Devin Maxwell

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