[directmusic] Re: Compression on DLS samples?

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:04:14 +0100

Thanks very much, Ciaran! Just what I was hoping to hear. :-) Thanks again.

By the way, I still haven't heard the music you did for PoW. I guess I'll go
and buy the game, just to check out the music. If I do, it had *better* be
good!! ;-) Just kidding.

- Bjorn

Bjorn Lynne - Composer, Producer, Sound Designer
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Subject: [directmusic] Re: Compression on DLS samples?

> >>1) Can I use some compression on my DLS instruments?
> Yes - there's a drop down menu in the wave / compression properties
> Most likely to be useful are Microsoft ADPCM and mp3. You can import your
> samples at full quality and apply the compression in DMP ready for
> your runtime DLS. With DX8 you can't adjust start times for mp3 compressed
> files which can be a problem as a bit of silence gets inserted at the
> DX9 has that facility.
> >>2) Can I sample sounds in Soundforge, save them out as Microsoft ADPCM
> samples, and import these samples into DM Producer?
> I've never tried that because I find it easier to do it as described
> but I believe you can. Also mp3 encoded wav files (but not .mp3 files -
> there is a difference!).
> >>3) Can I then save this out as a DLS, and will that DLS then be smaller
> than
> a DLS containing uncompressed samples? In other words, will the samples
> still be ADPCM compressed inside the DLS file?
> Yes. MS ADPCM will give you about 3.7 x compression or thereabouts.
> >>4) Can I be confident that this DLS and the DirectMusic content will
> okay for all the game users?
> Yes, insofar as the users have DX8 installed. Also if you have a kick-ass
> and you're running loads of effects in your audiopath you might want to
> it on a lower power PC because I've had glitching before on web content
> lots of effects... By the way, effects (and smart use of DLS instruments)
> can turn very few samples into many and varied sounds, increasing your
> bang-for-your-buck download wise).
> With 2Mb there's no reason you can't have really good quality DM if you go
> about it right.
> C

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