[directmusic] Re: Compression on DLS samples?

  • From: "Ciaran Walsh" <ciaran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:00:08 +0100

>>1) Can I use some compression on my DLS instruments?

Yes - there's a drop down menu in the wave / compression properties dialog.
Most likely to be useful are Microsoft ADPCM and mp3. You can import your
samples at full quality and apply the compression in DMP ready for creating
your runtime DLS. With DX8 you can't adjust start times for mp3 compressed
files which can be a problem as a bit of silence gets inserted at the start.
DX9 has that facility.

>>2) Can I sample sounds in Soundforge, save them out as Microsoft ADPCM
samples, and import these samples into DM Producer?

I've never tried that because I find it easier to do it as described above,
but I believe you can. Also mp3 encoded wav files (but not .mp3 files -
there is a difference!).

>>3) Can I then save this out as a DLS, and will that DLS then be smaller
a DLS containing uncompressed samples? In other words, will the samples
still be ADPCM compressed inside the DLS file?

Yes. MS ADPCM will give you about 3.7 x compression or thereabouts.

>>4) Can I be confident that this DLS and the DirectMusic content will work
okay for all the game users?

Yes, insofar as the users have DX8 installed. Also if you have a kick-ass PC
and you're running loads of effects in your audiopath you might want to test
it on a lower power PC because I've had glitching before on web content with
lots of effects... By the way, effects (and smart use of DLS instruments)
can turn very few samples into many and varied sounds, increasing your
bang-for-your-buck download wise).

With 2Mb there's no reason you can't have really good quality DM if you go
about it right.


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