RamTurbo 2.8 SR1 Release

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        a.. RamTurbo 2.8 SR1 released 

      RamTurbo 2.8 SR1 released

      RamTurbo version 2.8 SR1 has been released 4/12/2004.

      Fixes for RamTurbo include:
      The Import Settings function from the File menu has been fixed. When 
importing previous settings RamTurbo would not completely re-register itself.

      Updating to the new release:
      Uninstall any previous version of RamTurbo, download and install version 
2.8 SR1 from our website.

      Activating the new version:
      Go to the Help menu of RamTurbo. Select "Register RamTurbo". You will see 
the registration screen. Enter your serial number from the last registration 
you received and click the Activate button. 


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