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         Digital Longhorn Newsletter

        a.. RamTurbo Upgrade
        b.. New Website
        c.. Affiliate Program

      RamTurbo Upgrade

      Digital Longhorn would like to inform our registered users of RamTurbo 
versions 1.x that they may upgrade to the newer 2.x version. The cost of the 
upgrade is only $12.95.

      If you would like to upgrade your version of RamTurbo, please send your 
request to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We will then send you instructions to 
upgrade RamTurbo. NOTE: You must be a registered user of RamTurbo in order to 
receive your upgrade discount.


      New Website

      Digital Longhorn now has a new and improved website. Please visit the new 
site if you have not already. We are adding more relevant content to the 
website which may interest you. Also we would like to hear your opinion of the 
new website and the ease of navigation.


      Affiliate Program

      Digital Longhorn has launched a new Affiliate program. If you have a 
website, you can make additional revenue by promoting our products. You will 
receive 30% commision for every sale made. It's FREE and easy to join. We also 
provide some marketing material which you may freely use in the promotion. For 
more information please visit


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