Digital Longhorn Newletter 11-19-2003

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         Digital Longhorn Newsletter

        a.. New Product
        b.. Tweaking your PC

      New Product

      Digital Longhorn has introduced a new product to our website. "Window 
Washer" protects your online privacy and improves your system performance by 
cleaning your browser cache, cookies, history, mail trash, drop-down address 
bar, auto-complete forms, & downloaded program files.

      Window Washer also cleans your PC by emptying the recycle bin, registry 
streams, Windows run & find history, scan disk files, recently viewed pictures, 
locked index.dat files, recently opened documents list, & Windows temp files 

      This greatly improves your valuable harddrive space & efficiency of your 
computer but most importantly your online privacy. To find out more about 
Window Washer, visit our website or download a copy of Window Washer today and 
see for yourself.


      Tweaking your PC

      Our website now has more content related to tweaking your PC including 
how-to's for hardware & software tweaks. Visit our links page to browse the 
content we have provided.


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