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  • Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 13:26:43 +1000

Well, it's a new year of fun and excitement, and time to get back into the
Java!  So, a few thoughts:

(1) Who is in the office, and who is not?  More specifically, who is able
to attend the Java discussions, and who would like to, but can't?  We're
still planning for Thursday lunchtime meetings, every second week.

(2) The next topic needs a speaker!  We may have already lined one up at
the last meeting, but if we did, I've forgotten who it was.  Would Rob (or
someone else with The Book) please let us know what the next topic is
titled?  If we don't have a volunteer speaker, someone will be chosen at
random (heh heh).

(3) We started this group with the following goals:  (i) to learn about
Java, and (ii) to become certified in it.  Now, it's become clear that most
of us only think about the whole Java thing for about an hour and a half
each fortnight, which is a bit sad, really.  So, maybe we need new
approaches to this stuff.  One suggestion is that we look into that java
robot war thing that was around a little while back.  The idea there is
that people code up their own little robots, then pit them against one
another in a server environment.  Programming and gratuitous violence -
what more could you want?

Anyway, let's get the ball rolling again!

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