[DialogJIG] This week's meeting (29/11/2001)

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 09:34:23 +1000

Hi all,

Andrew was to be taking this week's meeting, but has been sent off to
Suncorp-Metway for the moment, and so will be with us in spirit only.
However, we will soldier on regardless, and do some fun java stuff anyway.

The plan for this week is to discuss:

(a) Inheritance in Java - why you'd use it, and how.
(b) Class definition in general
(c) Last week's homework - particularly the question I sent out, so make
sure you've done it!
(d) Whatever comes up in the discussion

We'll be meeting at 12pm this Thursday - bring your lunch as usual.

Cheers, Sven.

- - -
Sven Abrahamsson
Senior Consultant
Collaborative Solutions Team
Dialog Information Technology

8 Gardner Close, Milton, Qld, 4064
Phone: 3247 1000
Mobile: 0402 067 220
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