[DialogJIG] Meeting this Thursday

  • From: Sven_Abrahamsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: dialogjig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:34:57 +1000

Dear DialogJIGers,

This fortnight's JIG meeting is officially at Thursday, twelve noon.

The meeting will be chaired by Rob, who will be presenting on the thrilling
topic of objects and stuff.  Additionally, homework from previous weeks
will be checked and discussed.  Those who haven't done their homework won't
get a smiley stamp.  Actually, neither will anyone else, but don't let that
put you off.

In case there are people who are still not on this mailing list, please
make a point of telling everyone you know that the meeting is on at lunch
time, and not after work.

Cheers, Sven.

- - -
Sven Abrahamsson
Senior Consultant
Collaborative Solutions Team
Dialog Information Technology

8 Gardner Close, Milton, Qld, 4064
Phone: 3247 1000
Mobile: 0402 067 220
Email: sven_abrahamsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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