[DialogJIG] Java and Inner Classes ... terribly tempting!

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 09:34:56 +1000

A reminder that you are invited to attend todays
e..n..t..h..r..a..l..l..i..n..g seminar covering the inner workings of the
Java programming language and in particular: Inner Classes!

Yes, dear reader, this once in a lifetime opportunity is offered to you as
is and therefore must be just too good to be missed! It promises a thrill a
minute ride through the ups and downs, and ins and outs of using inner
classes in your Java development projects.

Have you heard these words before?

  Inner Classes? Nested Classes? Member Classes? Local Classes? Anonymous

Unable to sleep at night because these terms haunt your every dream? Do you
have trouble concentrating at work worrying about their secret meanings?
Fear no more loyal developer! Your redemption is at hand!

Gasp in wonder at just how easily inner classes can be used to enhance your

 Be amazed at the marvellous changes that inner classes can bring to your

       Applaud the use of inner classes to stop the threat of global
                            thermo-nuclear war!

    Yes dear reader, marvel and wonder! The answers to these and other
                   questions can be found by attending!

              Where? Dialog House Board Room - When? 12 noon

                 You want it! You need it! Now it is here!

                              Be enthralled!
                              Be mesmerised!
                                 BE THERE!

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