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On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 11:26 AM, Linda Samulski <
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> Hi Everyone:****
> ** **
> I am working on the Ca. Council of the Blind roster and dues for this year
> as the state office wants it yesterday. As I have been so busy, I am giving
> myself a deadline of Monday the 11th of February to accomplish this goal.*
> ***
> I really don’t like putting it together as it is so time confuming, and it
> is a pain, but it has to be done in order for us to keep our status. You
> could help me a great deal if you can provide me with the following
> information. ****
> Please let me know if you would still like to be a member, (we hope so),
> your correct phone number, address, email, and format of choice for
> receiving the Braille Forum and the Blind Californian. The choices are:
> email, Braille, large print.****
> Dues are $10, with $5 going back to our chapter, and $5 going to the
> state. Don’t worry about paying me before the 11th, we’ll settle up at
> the next meeting or something. SIGHTED PEOPLE ARE WELCOME AS WELL!!!!!****
> I hope you guys can pass this along as we would love togrow Now, I will
> write this in Spanish.****
> ** **
> ** **
> Saludos:****
> ** **
> Ojala que todos se encuentren bien. Estoy hacienda la lista para el
> Concilio De California. Los hemos extranados a los juntos. Siempre reunimos
> los ultimos viernes del mez a las 9;30 mas o menos 801 E. Tahcquitz Canyon
> Way en Palm Springs****
> ** **
> Por favor dejame saber si quiere estar en la lista de miembros porque
> necesito hacer la lista lo mas proto que possible. Necesito su nombre,
> telefono, direccion, email, y como quiere recibir la revista del Blind
> Californian ppor email, Braille, or emprenta.****
> Que pasan feliz ano Nuevo, y ojala verlos en la proxima junta de nosotros.
> ****
> ** **
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> Hello Everyone                 Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, I’ve been
> working at Guide Dogs with the class. And, really sometimes it’s better to
> be silent and let the discussion continue. What a great one posted here.**
> **
> ** **
> I guess I just want to make a few comments, as always I have to open my
> mouth.****
> First, I agree that whatever has happened to us whether as individuals, or
> collectively we need to forgive. I don’t believe that forgiveness means to
> let someone do it again, or to forget, it means letting go and letting God
> take that thing over. You all know I don’t subscribe to any doctrine.  I do
> love what the Bible says about the fruits of the spirot, love peace,
> patience, kindness, and as I get older I hope I grow in those things and
> bear those fruits.****
> I also believe that god didn’t make  mistake when he put us all here. And,
> I truly believe that those of us who have “adversity” in our lives, it’s
> for a reason. Maybe it’s to encourage or inspire someone else, or maybe
> it’s for our own growth. Everyone has it, it’s what you do with it what
> counts.   I believe that everything also has a domino effect, what affects
> you also affects me and others.****
> We also have been given extraordinary tallents. We are not all techies, we
> are not all musicians whether classical or otherwise. There is no right or
> wrong in this. I like John love my Perkins and will always love my Perkins.
> Maybe it’s generational, and there’s nothing wrong with being older either.
> Those of us who are,  hopefully have wisdom that we can share with others.
> ****
> Lastly, I want to encourage each of us to love one another, and be kind to
> one another I realize that we are all human and we make mistakes, but we
> need to be patient as we all have different personalities and are at
> different levels of growth in our lives.****
> Well, sorry for going on so long. I hope everyone can realize the gifts we
> all have, and focus on the positive as we all have something so phenomenal
> to share.****
> ** **
> Written with love,  Linda****
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> *On Behalf Of *John Granet
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> *Subject:* [desert-voice] to Mr. Reynolds:****
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> Dear Dan:   Thank you for your inspirational e-mail.  Let me issue an
> apology for the remarks at the meeting I delivered.  I was probably
> misunderstood.  I don’t mean that the man who teaches blind people m using
> the new technology is unqualified or any less of a musician as anyone
> else.   I’m a sort of Luddite in that I don’t use much of the new
> technology in my work as a classical composer.  I use a sighted copyist to
> whom I dictate the music I’ve written in Braille using my st  trusty
> Perkins.  The use and the mastery of technology does not necessarily give
> one talent in performance or composition.  I know my limitations as a
> pianist; I can’t play a lot of the Liszat and other very difficult
> technically repertoire and I know it.  All a blind person needs as far as
> equiptment is a braille writer and not even an instrument in front of lhim
> or her to produce music,  and of course,  God given talent,  which Is all
> too rare, whether one is blind or sighted.  Hope I haven’t gone on too long
> and I was very glad to o have met you as you’re obviously a very spiritual
> committed human being,  something which,  in our cynical world, is all to
> rare.  May God bless you.  YoYour Friend:   Dr.   John Nicholas Granet Palm
> Springs, cCalifornia.   P.S.  Although I’ve taught part time at three
> different colleges,  I never did obtain a tenure track position anywhere.
> I’m now working part time at the new online university in Palm Springs,
> thae World Education University.  ****

Daniel E Reynolds

EMAIL: danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx

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