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Hello Everyone                 Sorry I haven't posted sooner, I've been
working at Guide Dogs with the class. And, really sometimes it's better to
be silent and let the discussion continue. What a great one posted here.


I guess I just want to make a few comments, as always I have to open my

First, I agree that whatever has happened to us whether as individuals, or
collectively we need to forgive. I don't believe that forgiveness means to
let someone do it again, or to forget, it means letting go and letting God
take that thing over. You all know I don't subscribe to any doctrine.  I do
love what the Bible says about the fruits of the spirot, love peace,
patience, kindness, and as I get older I hope I grow in those things and
bear those fruits.

I also believe that god didn't make  mistake when he put us all here. And, I
truly believe that those of us who have "adversity" in our lives, it's for a
reason. Maybe it's to encourage or inspire someone else, or maybe it's for
our own growth. Everyone has it, it's what you do with it what counts.   I
believe that everything also has a domino effect, what affects you also
affects me and others.

We also have been given extraordinary tallents. We are not all techies, we
are not all musicians whether classical or otherwise. There is no right or
wrong in this. I like John love my Perkins and will always love my Perkins.
Maybe it's generational, and there's nothing wrong with being older either.
Those of us who are,  hopefully have wisdom that we can share with others.

Lastly, I want to encourage each of us to love one another, and be kind to
one another I realize that we are all human and we make mistakes, but we
need to be patient as we all have different personalities and are at
different levels of growth in our lives.

Well, sorry for going on so long. I hope everyone can realize the gifts we
all have, and focus on the positive as we all have something so phenomenal
to share.


Written with love,  Linda

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Dear Dan:   Thank you for your inspirational e-mail.  Let me issue an
apology for the remarks at the meeting I delivered.  I was probably
misunderstood.  I don't mean that the man who teaches blind people m using
the new technology is unqualified or any less of a musician as anyone else.
I'm a sort of Luddite in that I don't use much of the new technology in my
work as a classical composer.  I use a sighted copyist to whom I dictate the
music I've written in Braille using my st  trusty Perkins.  The use and the
mastery of technology does not necessarily give one talent in performance or
composition.  I know my limitations as a pianist; I can't play a lot of the
Liszat and other very difficult technically repertoire and I know it.  All a
blind person needs as far as equiptment is a braille writer and not even an
instrument in front of lhim or her to produce music,  and of course,  God
given talent,  which Is all too rare, whether one is blind or sighted.  Hope
I haven't gone on too long and I was very glad to o have met you as you're
obviously a very spiritual committed human being,  something which,  in our
cynical world, is all to rare.  May God bless you.  YoYour Friend:   Dr.
John Nicholas Granet Palm Springs, cCalifornia.   P.S.  Although I've taught
part time at three different colleges,  I never did obtain a tenure track
position anywhere.  I'm now working part time at the new online university
in Palm Springs, thae World Education University.  

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