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  • From: Daniel Reynolds <danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Desert-Voice <desert-voice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:40:20 -0800

Dear John,

    Your mighty spirit shines very brightly ... and I took no offense at
anything you said.  I love highly educated articulate folks - and you
surely are that - but more so those who are CREATIVE.  I would love to
learn, in time, more about your work - what you compose - and at least gain
an appreciation of what IS involved, especially for a blind composer.  It's
a joy to know you ... and I am so
happy you chose to express such warmth thoughts -- in a letter than I will

     I shall count you as a friend -- and know, I do so admire those who DO
what they say they can do.

     My favorite composer has been from an early age Mozart with Beethoven
right behind.  I cannot listen to their works enough and I should love to
know what composers - of whatever era - have inspired you -- and what you
feel you are contributing in a UNIQUE FASHION and one of God's finest
MUSICIANS and COMPOSERS ON EARTH -- to the world of music as well as to

     SHALOM and Thank you so much!  I love a person who speaks with
integrity and utters truths I can and do recognize -- as such.

      Cordially and gratefully,
       Daniel E. Reynolds

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 11:40 AM, John Granet <compoze@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Dan:   Thank you for your inspirational e-mail.  Let me issue an
> apology for the remarks at the meeting I delivered.  I was probably
> misunderstood.  I don’t mean that the man who teaches blind people m using
> the new technology is unqualified or any less of a musician as anyone
> else.   I’m a sort of Luddite in that I don’t use much of the new
> technology in my work as a classical composer.  I use a sighted copyist to
> whom I dictate the music I’ve written in Braille using my st  trusty
> Perkins.  The use and the mastery of technology does not necessarily give
> one talent in performance or composition.  I know my limitations as a
> pianist; I can’t play a lot of the Liszat and other very difficult
> technically repertoire and I know it.  All a blind person needs as far as
> equiptment is a braille writer and not even an instrument in front of lhim
> or her to produce music,  and of course,  God given talent,  which Is all
> too rare, whether one is blind or sighted.  Hope I haven’t gone on too long
> and I was very glad to o have met you as you’re obviously a very spiritual
> committed human being,  something which,  in our cynical world, is all to
> rare.  May God bless you.  YoYour Friend:   Dr.   John Nicholas Granet Palm
> Springs, cCalifornia.   P.S.  Although I’ve taught part time at three
> different colleges,  I never did obtain a tenure track position anywhere.
> I’m now working part time at the new online university in Palm Springs,
> thae World Education University.  ****

Daniel E Reynolds

EMAIL: danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx

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