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Good evening and Buenas Noches:

Hope everyone is well and joyous in this holiday season. 
Well now that Tom and I have finished the Desert Blind Dining In The Dark 
event, hosted our company from Bei Jing, San Diego, Phoenix, and Detroit, 
helped organize the Friends in Sight event, and amongst that, I had the most 
horrible toothache and went to the emergency dentist, our feet are for the 
mostpart on the ground.

I want to remind everyone that we will be meeting at El Campanario's restaurant 
on the 28th of December. The address is: 44185 Munroe St. Indio, and we will 
start around noon. I will make reservations for 10-15, or please call me to let 
me know if you plan to attend. (760-702-0879

I want to congratulate Melissa on becoming our next CCB President. Please let's 
give her our support as I know she is very capable and will have some great 
ideas to move our chapter forward. She truly is a pioneer and champion here in 
the valley.

We will be starting our mentoring program. Hopefully people will come to an 
organizational meeting and we can get started. I would like the meeting to be 
on the 18th of January if possible.
If you would like help withlearning, or would like to teach, please  call 
(760-702-0879. There is no judgement of what anyone knows or doesn't know.
We can work on such things as:

life skills, cooking, keyboarding, writing, reading, and speaking  English as a 
second language, Braille,  we may be able to work on resumme writing, filling 
out forms, if we know ahead of time. Oh, and we can have some fun too!!!!!!!
Well, I think that's about all of the news there is from here. Please feel free 
to post to this list. 
Everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday, and please tell those around you 
how much you love and appreciate  them.

Wishing you all joy, peace, and love


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  Hi everyone

  Just wanted to remind everyone of our White Cane Pedestrain Safety Day this 
Saturday October 13.
  We will meet at Rubys Diner, 155 S. Palm Canyon in Palm Springs. Sundial will 
let you off in front, and you will probably hear the fountain. There is a bench 
to sit on if you arive early, we hope to also see some of the Palm Springs 
Lions Club there.
  Some of us will also go to Ralphs to hand out flyers as well.
  Rybys is inexpensive, you can have lunch there or just order desert, or my 
favorite an ice cream sundae. Hope to see you all there on Saturday.
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    Hi Janie;


    John doesn't have Mr. Middleman's phone number you will have to call 
information on that one.  He doesn't have the phone number for Desert Chorale - 
or try Musicians Outlet - all located in the Desert Area






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    Hi John,


    I'm so sorry about the death of your mother in law! We will miss you Friday 
but that's very understandable. 


    Could you please send me phone numbers for Mr. Middleman and the chorus!!



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      Unfortunately, we will not be able to make the alphabet writing 
appointment because Lena's mother died las Saturday.  The services are this 
Friday and it will take a la least an hour and a half to get to the mor 
morturary, buat we will be at the white cane day and will man the booth at 
Ralph's and I'll bring my braille machine and some extra cards.  For Janey:   
There is a fine voice teacher by the name of Norman Middleman, I don't know how 
much he charges.   There is also something called the Desert Chorale, but their 
dues is quite expensive, I suggest you call and find out more details.   Note 
that Mr. Middleman is a retired Met opera singer.   Very Truly Yours:   John 
Nicholas Granet

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