[desert-voice] Re: regarding Friday's alphabet writing, etc.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Lena's mom. I know they were very close.
Please give my love to Lena
I am also not able to attend on Friday, bu will do some here at home, nd will 
get together with Janie on the 12th to get some more done. We'll do as many as 
we can.

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  Unfortunately, we will not be able to make the alphabet writing appointment 
because Lena's mother died las Saturday.  The services are this Friday and it 
will take a la least an hour and a half to get to the mor morturary, buat we 
will be at the white cane day and will man the booth at Ralph's and I'll bring 
my braille machine and some extra cards.  For Janey:   There is a fine voice 
teacher by the name of Norman Middleman, I don't know how much he charges.   
There is also something called the Desert Chorale, but their dues is quite 
expensive, I suggest you call and find out more details.   Note that Mr. 
Middleman is a retired Met opera singer.   Very Truly Yours:   John Nicholas 

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