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Hello everyone:

On a more serious note, on August 21, most of you know, that we met with the area supervisor of the Dept. of Rehabilitation to discuss problems that the blind community is having with the counselor in the Coachella Valley. The afore mentioned counselor has taken a long leave of absence, and another counselor is taking her place. Laurie Fisher, the area supervisor would like us to write documentations regarding the problems we have had. a special meeting will be held at the home of Linda Samulski on October 19. As I do not wish to publicly post my address, if you are interested in helping to find solutions, we invite you to come fo discuss, and write your documentations. We will have the meeting from 10;00 a.m. to 3;00 p.m. For directions, and address, and details, please call Linda at: (760-702-0879We are not here to hold grudges, but to resolve problems that have been occurring over a long period of time. We need your help and support. We truly need to help make the Coachella Valley more blind friendly and accessible. People need to learn about us and our strengths, and that we are a viable part of soicety. As always, I thank you for your support. My greatest passion is people, we are our own best resource, and our own best friend. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Linda Samulski" <desertblossom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [desert-voice] Re: Welcoming another member and a quick update

Hello again:

I meant to mention this at the meeting the other day.
We have two special birthdays to celebrate.
The first I didn't know about. Our dear Lena had her irthday on Sautrday.
I just want to say how much we appreciate and love you, and a very happy belated birthday to you. Keep celebrating; you deserve the best this life has to offer. The next is a little dfferent. Last Thursday was the birthday of the Americans with Disabilities Act which was signed in to law by the first George Bush. It's unfortunate that we had to have a law to insure access and reasonable accommodations to those of us who are disabled, but hey, whatever works. We still have a long way to g however, things are so much better than even when say, John and I were kids. So, happy birthday to ADA, and may we keep celebrating by moving forward and making the world a better place for everyone to live.
Best Wishes
Linda Samulski and Buster
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Subject: [desert-voice] Re: Welcoming another member and a quick update

Hi Everyone:

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
We have good news. Laurie Fisher from Dept. of Rehab will be attending our special meeting on the 21sh of August. The meeting will be held from 10;00-1;00.
Please have questions and concerns reay to express to her.
If you have friends in the blind community who also have questions and concerns, please let them know about this special meeting.
Thank you to everyone for their support.
Best Wishes
Linda Samulski and Buster
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Subject: [desert-voice] Welcoming another member and a quick update

I wanted to say Welcome to Robert on the mailing list. Robert I
subscribed you to the mailinglist, so you should be receiving this I
hope. If you don't mind, please post a small Email just to let us know
you're receiving our messages? That would be greatly appreciated.
I'm going to get started on the website tomorrow. I'm still waiting
for bios on people. I was going to get them at the meeting yesterday
but I wanted to wait til more people were there. Maybe there will be
more people for next month's meeting so I can record more notes.
I do have some slightly good news. I can't promise anything, but I may
be able to get Christina to go to the meeting for the rehab
superviser. I hope she goes. I'm trying to get her to understand that
sitting on the sidelines is not going to help manners. I'm not wasting
time, I'm making use of it, and that's what we all need to do. Other
than that, not much has happened. Oh, I did have a question though.
Are we still going to have our regular Ccb meeting on the last Friday
of August even though we have that meeting on the 22nd of August?
I also wanted to point out that the conference call number, just like
the last one is a long distance number. You can't get a conference
call number for free that's a toal free number. The only reason I like
this new custom number is because you get the custom greeting, along
with our private room. Also, if let's just say, John wanted to use the
conference line, even during the meeting to have a private
conversation with some one else. I could sign him up with the referral
code given to me by the conference service, and he can have his own
room on the line. It's just more customizeable, but it still offers
the same features as the last one, such as call recording. If anyone
is able to get in touch with Cano, please ask him if he's receiving
the emails from our list. I haven't received any emails from him or
... Pancho, if that's how he spells his name.
Well, everyone take care. I'll write again if anything changes. Let me
know if you have any questions. Again, Welcome to our list, Robert. If
you want, please visit the website at
There's a blog and forum on there, but it's still under serious construction.
Well, everyone have a nice evening. Take care, and will write soon.
Be Blessed,
Melissa Roe

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