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Here are some slogans I though of in keeping with our White Cane Pedestrian Safey Day We can write some of them at the bottom of the cards.

Slow down

Watch for pedestrians

Be safe

Drive safely

Don't run that light.

Go with caution

Maybe I'll think fo some more, you guys are more creative than me, so go for it.
Think of more slogans.

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Hello, everyone.
I just wanted to say that Janie has been subscribed to the list. Janie, as a test can you send an email to the list to make sure things are getting to you alright? In case you didn't get the address, it's desert-voice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Linda made some posts to the lists earlier, but they were mainly summed up from what we discussed in the meeting. This gives other members a chance to catch up on what they've missed out on. Feel free to post anything you want to bring up to the group when we're not meeting in person. Anyway, I hope you get this email. Let us know if it came through. I'll call you this weekend to confirm if I'm coming over on tuesday or not.
Take care, everyone and have a good evening.
God Bless,
Melissa Roe

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