[desert-voice] Update on a few things

  • From: Melissa Roe <morningsong24@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: desert-voice <desert-voice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 07:40:58 -0800

Hello everyone,
I just thought I'd update both Dan and Debbie on things going on, now
that I got debbie's correct email address last night.
You both should be subscribed to the list now, so feel free to post
email whenever you like. If Debbie wants to post email to the group, I
suggest the email be added to the contact list on her IPad. This way,
she can dictate to siri. She can tell her to email Desert Voice, and
then say what she has to say. This might be a good practicing
assignment for her to send emails to the group.
Anyway, for those who didn't attend yesterday's meeting, or had to
leave early, we discussed descriptive movies. The rancho 16 is a
theater on Dyna Shore Drive that has equipment for descriptive movies.
It is in agreement that we go to see one of these movies on the 22nd
of February, right after the ccb meeting. The 22nd, by the way, is the
last Friday of the month, so those who haven't attended  in a while
know when the meeting is held.
In order to decide what movies everyone wants to go see, we have
elected to hold a phone conference on Saturday, the 16th of February
to discuss movies and showtimes. When that week comes around. I'll
look at the schedule and we'll all decide what movie we can all go
Our permanent telephone conferencing line number is: 218-895-3017
When prompted, enter code 386411 and the pound sign.
The conference will start at half past 9 in the morning on the 16th.
It shouldn't take longer than 45 minutes. I hope to see all of you
there, and maybe this will encourage members who haven't come to
meetings lately to start attending. By the way, we are going to Red
Robin after the movie is over. If we went before, we'd get so full on
lunch, we'd not be able to enjoy typical movie snacks. Go ahead and
eat to your heart's content at the theater, but do not fill up too
much on that popcorn. It could be dangerous.
Our next order of business is the 15th of February. Since braille now
has their tech center open to the community, we are all planning on
meeting as a group to go have a tour of the center. It's best to go as
a group first, due to the bad experiences that some of us went
through. We'll all feel a bit more confortable if we all went
I spoke with Dan last night, and he said he would be out of his
braille class by 11:30. We could always come in then, or after lunch
is over, since it will be quiet again. I'd prefer Dan to be the one
giving us a tour, since others who have long since been at braille may
not welcome some of our presence. I'm suggesting we go in sometime
after lunch. It's quiet, and Dan will be available then. I've
forgotten what time lunch ends at Braille, so someone let us know if
you remember. Then, we'll device a time for us all to meet. Let me
know what you guys think about this. I think if we go at our time of
10:30, he'll be in class, and by the time 11:30 gets here, it will be
time for lunch. I'd like to discuss this further among everyone, and
see what you guys think.
Our next order of business is kind of Sad. Please do not mention this
to anyone outside the group, but just pray for Christina. She called
me last night saying that her cousin collapsed after having a heart
attack. She called me an hour later in tears saying that he had passed
away. She was very close to him. This devistated the entire family. Do
not mention to Christina that you know about the situation. She hasn't
been subscribed to the list, because she hasn't given me permision,
but I'm highly recommending it to her. Just keep Christina in your
thoughts and prayers. Times are tough, but we still need to be there
to encourage one another.
Other than that, I think that about sums it up for this email. Sorry
some of this was review for some people, but I needed to fill others
in. If anyone has any questions, you may send an email to the group at
the following address.
If you need to contact me personally, you may email me directly. My
email address is
Alrighty guys, I'm out of here. I'm gonna go make me a hot cup of
Chai. Take care, everyone, and God bless.
Melissa Roe

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