[dectalk] sited dectalkears?

  • From: "Sean Randall." <Shwatscoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "dectalk list" <dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:19:25 +0100

yo, all. i'd like to tell you  of an experience I had at school today.
not school related, "thank god," they cry.
sitting in a deserted classroom while my peers slaved away nextdoor, drawing
pictures of  queen whatever  her name is.. A good friend of mine came in,
and asked, in no uncertain terms. "what you dooin?"
what I was doing was atemtping to form  a new peace of DECtalk work.
that, in case your wondering, atempt failed. I needed a midi keyboard or a
musical instrument for the tune of the song, and, yah, I don't carry them
around at school with me.
So, poof. it's over. for now, at least.
anyway. my friend instantly saw DECtalk, asked who all those people were,
and wanted to no what it did.
the people in case you've never been told, are paul, betti, and the rest of
the DECtalk people as graphical symbols in the demo application. clicking on
one causes his, or her, name to be spoken.
I played him some examples, hickory dickory dock, london bridge, etc.
yah, He clicked on birdysong, I didn't. and hence, he heard shoot the birdy.
This, apart from making him laugh for some reason, made him want to be able
to write these fabulous works of art by himself.
I gave him the famous url, or not so famous, then. and he skampered off to
the computer in the corner to have a look.
exiting that classroom 2 words were complacent on my lips.
"darv it."
that, is the equivalent to, "damn it!" but it doesn't get you in trouble in
the coridors of my school.
If I here that hal paridy one more time i'll kil someone!
but, sure enough, he's hooked on DECtalk.
Good news for us, perhaps?
As I said, he's sited and very able to right rubbish. Hope he can turn that
into DECtalk songs.
He's off to portugal for a 2 week vacation, "darv him" I want to go.
anyway.... He's got some of the manual with him, nicely printed on some A4
paper. If he wants to learn, and is willing to sacrifice some of his free
time to do this, I think he'll be the only person within a thousand miles of
me who will knowhow.
If, big if, he joins our list, I hope you'll make him feel very bad about
not coming sooner.
And I don't no if anyone around here is sited, but i'm not. and he is,
meaning he's bound to make stupid mistakes and lots of phonecalls to me. No
discreddit to siteds, but they do have  a nack for screwing up if they're
working phoneme, or lettor, by phoneme. uhAh. or lettor.
but I'm sure you can see what i'm getting at?
another songrighter!
we need them, we need to get this show off the flore and into the air, where
it can become, not just a single group of 11 people,  list count. it can
become a hole artform again, can transform into a hole new world.
well, that's my interesting and long message for the day.
have fun, everyone:
did I say interesting, whoops?
Sean randall.

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