[DECtalk], red dwarf ep2-5

  • From: shaun everiss <shaun.e@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 20:02:50 +1200

Totaly damn!
I managed to upload a new version.
Well Its almost like randel's converts, but not quite.
I tell soundrecorder to mix dt2-5.wav which is the story with rd.wav which 
is music.
The first part is cool!
But the rest.
Half the song starts, and then the song replays!
It sounds crap!.
I think I could fix it.
but it may become a bit of a pain.
Especially that I think that it will just bee a pile a dog litter.
I was thinking of mixing the beginning part of the music, that is
1.  editing rd.wav,and putting a biggish gap betwene intro and music start.
then cutting intro and intro story.
then adding in music.
However I am pesimistic.

other way would to mix the intro first.
cut it, then paste it to the end of the story.
Unless, um, there is either a free ware advanced recording package I can 
use, or a shareware one that has no regestration limit.
And no expiry date.
If I can not find any, I will leave the stuff like this.

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