[dectalk] dectalk songs about america

  • From: "Nick Gawronski" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:05:10 -0500

Hi, I was wondering if any one on this list had any songs about america like
"america the beautiful" and "grand old flag"?  Here is the star spangled
banner that I got from someone.  [:name paul]
[:phone arpa on]
[ow<200,18>ow<200,15> sey<400,11> kae<400,15>n yu<400,18>w siy<600,23>
[bay<350,27> dhah<50,25> dao<400,23>nz rr<400,15>liy<400,17> lay<600,18>t
[wah<200>t sow<200> praw<600,27>dliy<200,25> wiy<400,23> hxey<800,22>eld]
[ae<300,20>t dhah<100,22> tway<400,23> lay<400>ts lae<400,18>st
gliy<400,15>m iy<200,11>nx _<300>]
[hxuw<300,18>z brao<100,15>d stray<400,11>ps ae<400,15>nd bray<400,18>t
stah<600,23>rz _<300>]
[thruw<300,27> dhah<100,25> peh<400,23> rrel<400,15> ah<400,17>s
fay<600,18>t _<300>]
[ow<200,18>r dhah<200,18> rae<600,27>mpah<200,25>rts wiy<400,23>
[wrr<300,20> sow<100,22> gae<400,23>lah<400>ent liy<400,18>
striy<400,15>miy<200,11>nx _<300>]
[ae<300,27>nd dhah<100> rao<400> keh<400,28>ts reh<400,30>d gley<700>r
[dhah<100,28> bao<400,27>mz brr<400,25>stih<400,27>nx ih<400,28>n ey<600>r
[gey<400>v pruw<600,27>f thruw<200,25> dhah<400,23> nay<1000,22>t
dhae<300,20>d aw<100,22>rr flae<400,23>g wah<400,15>z stih<400,17>l
dheh<600,18>r _<300>]
[ow<400> sey<400,23> dah<400>z dhae<200,23>ae<200,22>t stah<400,20>r
spae<400>ngel<400>d bae<400,25> nrr<200,28>rr<200,27>yxeh<200,25>eh<200,23>t
wey<900,23>ey<150,25>ey<150,23>ey<1300,22>v _<900>]
[fow<300,18>rdhah<300> lae<1000,23>ae<400,25>nd ah<300,27>v dhah<300,28>
friy<1200,30>iy<1200,35> _<900>]
[ae<300,23>nddhah<300,25> hxow<1200,27>m _<600> ah<300,28>vdhah<1500,25>

My web page address is http://www.nickgawronski.com and that is where
Chihuahua Radio the internet radio station is located

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