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  • From: "Sean Randall" <Shwatscoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:54:55 -0000

hiya guys:
it's been quiet around here, and I think you should no that our voting pole
has gone CGI over java script.
ur, in other words; it's a bit screwwwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwed! now if I can get the
results i'll post them but if I can't ... mmmm well i'll see what my script
hosts can do.
now, on the matter of Red Dwarf, i'm really greatful to all and every single
one of you for contributing by either listening, or emailing me, and all the
other stuff you guys have done.  you are great, you really are!
now thanks go to justin of course, come on justin we want to here you give a
long speach on the subject of low bitrate  mp3 conversion ... grin ...
now this friday, march seventh, will be the final episode in season one.
we will then be having a pause of a week, so i can put the season one
episodes in archive with a lovely handy-dandy if stolen peace of html code
that uses a list box  to choos your season which I think looks particularly
i'm also going to use Microsoft Word - disgusted look at self - to do these
red dwarf pages.
my html skills are limmited in the area of accessible viewing and reasonable
layout.  Winword can fix those problems by aligning text, making the write
things bold, and just generally saving me a lot of time in the longrun!
so i'm going to redo the pages - yes pages for we'll have one for each
season - of Red Dwarfocity.
Also, in that one week pause, i'm going to anounce what we're doing to the
any and every mailing list i'm on i'm going to risk an off topic message to
tell them that they've missed almost three hours of red dwarf and they have
a couple days to catch up before season two swings into full-fledged
mechanoidocity  with episode one, kryten.
kryten, of course, is a loveable mechanoid who loves to clean, cook, wash,
iron, tidy, polish, and so on.
we'll be meating him and i'm intending to get the theme tune sung:
If I can harmonise it, we'll have it at the start of each episode in mp3
with a single-vocal version for all text episodes.

I'm doing what are called modular exams   at school which basicly mean that
I have to do a lot of revision and crap, so if things are a bit thing and
perhaps 1.6 is a little on the late side, so'o'o'o'rry
well I have to dash,  it's dinner time.
no no no no no,

so that's that really: thanks go to all of you again, and I will see you
become smegheads if it's the last thinggy I doodoo!

ciao later,
Sean R.
your idiotic idiot ... mee'ee'ee!

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