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  • From: Tony Baechler <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 06:45:01 -0800

Hi.  Most probably yes.  The US copyright law is very clear on 
this.  First, if you just consider the scripts, they are illegal because 
they are written post-1922.  If you consider that the scripts are being 
done as a public performance, this falls into other copyright laws but 
would still apply.  Public performance would apply in this case because a 
synthesizer is reading the scripts and playing all the parts.  The files 
are being made available for public download.  It is really no different 
than mp3 music.  Note that these laws apply in many European countries as 
well, but they are more relaxed on sound recordings and such.  I know very 
little of European and Canadian copyright law but my understanding is that 
since they are primarily for the blind and are not being sold, it's 
probably legal.  You would need to check more fully into local copyright 
laws to verify this.  In one European country, Holland I think, DVDs may be 
copied and given away as long as they are not sold.  Again, further 
checking would need to be done to verify this.  As far as I know, Andre is 
in Europe so would fall under those laws, not the US laws.

At 11:05 AM 12/29/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Going along these lines, does this mean that those in the US that have
>Red Dwarf by DECtalk are breaking the law?

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