[DECtalk], Re: Wonder why Dectalk sings?

  • From: "DR. JAWS" <dh012e2025@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 11:04:13 +0100

here is how ACCESS32 sings moonlight in Vermont. I deliberately missed out the 
brackets so that if you are using a hardware or internal DECtalk you will here 
it how I here it
phone arpa on]
name paul]
peh400,25 niy400,23z ih400,20n ah400,18 striy1200,20m
,400 fao400,25 lih400,23nx liy500,20vz ,100 ah200,16v 
sih200,18 kah200,20 mao1000,12rx ,200 muw400,20n lay400,18t
ih400,16n vrr400,13 maa1200,16nt ,400 ay400,25 siy400,23 
fih400,20nx grr400,18 wey1200,20vz ,400 skiy400,25 trae300,23lxz  
,100 aa600,20n ah200,16 maw200,18n tih200,20n 
saa800,12-ay200,12d ,200 snow400,20 lay400,18t
ih400,16n vrr400,13 maa1200,16nt ,400 teh200,15 lah200,15
grae200,15f key400,15 bah300,15lxz ,100 dhey200,15 sih200,15nx 
daw400,15n dhah200,15 hxay200,15 wey300,15 ,100 ae200,15nd
trae200,15 vuh200,15lx iy200,15ch beh500,27nd,100 ih200,25n 
dhah200,27 row1200,24d ,400 piy200,16 pah200,16lx hxuw200,16
miy200,16t ,200 
ih400,16n-dhih200,16s-row200,16-mae400,16n-tih160,16k ,40 
seh200,16 tih300,16nx ,100 aa200,16rx sow200,16
hxih200,16p nah200,16 tay400,28zd ,200 bay200,26 dhah200,28
lah900,25v liy700,24 ,200 iy400,25v nih400,23nx sah400,20
mrr400,18 briy1200,20z ,400 wao400,25rx blih400,23nx ah400,20v
,200 ah200,16 meh200,18 dow200,20 laa800,12rxk ,400 muw400,20n
lay400,18t ih400,16n vrr400,13 maa1300,16nt ,400 
iy40,12-yuw280,12 ae350,13n day420,16 ,60 ae340,20nd 
muw380,25n lay340,27t ,100 ih500,24n vrr540,26 maa2000,23nt. ]      

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