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  • From: shaun everiss <shaun.e@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 20:11:46 +1300

I've only done this when matthew told us the stuff was still up there.
I keep checking the archive directories, every so often, but thought that 
the stuff would bee there.
So I gave up.
Then I was told the file was on the server.
I thought it was odd that it was there, especially as it should have been 
on the site.
But I downloaded it.
Thinking about it now, we should have a unprocessed server.
Stuff thats uploaded, that hasn't gone to the archive, like the unprocessed 
directory in the ifarchive system.
This would mean, all the new files would remain in this directory on the 
main site before being moved to the right place, say after a week or so.
Or until they were processed.
At 07:49 p.m. 6/12/2004, you wrote:
>Hello list.  I have just joined and this is my first post here.
>I am guilty of downloading from the upload server, but I thought my action
>was justified.  First, I was unaware of an official policy about
>this.  Second, the file was dated October 31 and several days (weeks?) went
>by before I downloaded it.  I determined that uploads weren't going to be
>processed in the near future so I downloaded it, especially since it was
>only one 3.5 mb file.  I will avoid doing this in the future.  Hopefully
>new files will be announced here so I don't have to go look at the upload
>site to find them.
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