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  • From: Bear in SFO <BearSFO@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 19:02:52 -0700

If anyone is selling their external units please let me know...

At 03:06 PM 10/15/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Hey there.  I'm brand new to this list.  Is this list pretty active?  I 
>love listening to singing Dectalk stuff and have thought of making my 
>own.  I used to make Dectalk sing back in the mid '90's.  My first song 
>was a version of "Happy Birthday" which only used one voice.  The only 
>thing I've ever done that used two voices singing in harmony is a stupid 
>little song to the tune of part of the Westminster Chimes.  Um did I spell 
>that right?  It was really dumb though and I quickly erased it.  Just 
>downloaded the demo this morning and am having fun with it.  We have four 
>Dectalk Expresses in the house and some PC1's.  On a related subject, if 
>anybody knows of someone who's willing to sell a Dectalk PC2 for $29.95 
>let me know!  Yeah right like I can really see that.  But I'd love to get 
>my hands on one.  Where do you get them and how much do they cost?
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