[DECtalk], Re: If Dectalk were made open source, I'd...

  • From: shaun everiss <shaun.e@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 17:11:40 +1200

Jason, here are my modifications.
Cylon and borg voices.
That would rock.
Static voice.
alien computer voice.
r2d2,/c3po, both at once.
Would rock.
ability to play dectalk files in winamp.
able to put effects in files such as static and cutouts making speech hard 
or imposible to read, would bee good in sifi or militry games.
burp and fart, a synth doing that would bee funny.
A voice like terminator.
ability to have accented voices, say in german, but not use german 
dictionary for vocab.
dumb guy would bee good.
At 04:05 p.m. 22/06/2004, you wrote:

>An interesting thought just came to me.  I just had this idea to post to
>this list.  If Dectalk were made open source, and you had the ability to do
>anything you wanted to it, what would you do?  Now here is the only ground
>rule I can think of.  You don't actually need to be able to do the things
>you mention, E.G. if you are a total non-programmer you probably couldn't do
>much with it.  But just curious to find out what other people think would be
>cool features.  And for my part, I'd...
>Add in a polyphonic mode!  You could make Dectalk sing using several voices
>at once!
>More range!  Three octaves?  Why not another octave in both directions?
>That's one thing I like about Vocalwriter, but unfortunately we can't use
>it.  You get more range in both directions.
>Maybe design some sort of protocol or file format where you could, instead
>of downloading the audio of a Dectalk performance, download a text file of
>said performance.  Polyphonic mode would accomplish this.  Now wouldn't it
>be cool if you could click on a .dec file in IE and have it automatically
>open up and play in a Dectalk program?
>Add in some nifty and crazy voices.
>So, what do you think?  Any more ideas?
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