[DECtalk], Important! Major anouncement!

  • From: nick G <nick6489@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 10:52:16 -0500

Hello to the list at large.
            Recently, Andre contacted me and made a decision.  The DecTalk 
archive stays.  However, the following provisions will be made with immediate 
effect.  1. I, Nick G, am now the general manager of the Dectalk archive, 
hosted at http://andrelouis.com/dectalk and take full responsibility for moving 
uploads in a timely fashion, If.and only if.a message is sent to 
dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx first.  No message.no move.  2. The dectalk list is now 
officially moved to dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  I'd like to ask Jayson Smith 
to come forward to tell us the web address to sub-scribe to said list.  Those 
who are seeing this on said list.of coarse.will not need to send to that list.  
3. The address to upload is now changed to ftp://onj.andrelouis.com, with the 
new username being decupload@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the password being decupload.  
If something is uploaded, no one.except me and Andre.is able to download from 
it.  In short, it is invisible to you.  You can't see it, you can't download 
it.  More ways to upload will be coming.

            A few informal comments are as follows.  I've got to say that this 
server is being paid for with  Andre's own money.  Basically use it, do not 
abuse it.  You know, if Red Dwarf was still going on the old schedule, there'd 
be a new episode on the archive this Friday.  Shame that.



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